Ep: 005 - Debbie Millman - Your Ten Year Plan For A Remarkable Life


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Debbie Millman is a design powerhouse! She is the founder and host of the Design Matters podcast, Editorial & Creative Director of Print magazine, ‘President Emeritus’ of The American Institute of Graphic Arts, chair of the ‘Masters in Branding’ program at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, and for twenty years she worked as ‘President of Design’ at Sterling Brands in NYC, working with brands such as Pepsi, Gillette, Colgate, Nestle, and Campbells. As if that all weren’t enough, Debbie has also authored six books and Graphic Design USA named her ‘one of the most influential designers working today’.

Every year, Debbie assigns a writing exercise with her students called “Your Ten Year Plan For A Remarkable Life” and she constantly receives mail from past students telling her “it all came true!”. Debbie joins me today to share more about the writing exercise “Your Ten Year Plan For A Remarkable Life”.

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