Ep: 022 - Turney Duff - Turning Down Millions For Happiness


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Turney Duff. I first read Turney Duff’s New York Times bestselling book, The Buy Side, at some point in college, and was attracted to not only his story but his authenticity. Here’s a guy that lived a very extravagant lifestyle, and eventually, after quite a rollercoaster ride, turned down a job that would have made him seven figures a year, because he knew he would be happier without it. Turney spent fifteen years as a trader on Wall Street, eventually pulling in seven figures a year, but also had a worsening addiction to cocaine. Like a lot of people, he thought that all of his problems would be solved with more money, but when more money came, the problems never went away. It took the second trip to rehab and barely any money in his bank account for him to realize that what he really wanted was not the extravagant life he lived as a Wall Street trader, but his original dream to be a writer. He’s much happier now making far less money, wanting less, and not trying to be liked by everyone than he was during his fifteen years as a trader.

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