How To Deal With Overwhelm


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Have you ever felt there’s so much to do and so little time, you always playing catch up? So how do you deal with overwhelm? What are the secret? Let me share a very simple secret with you. You don’t deal with overwhelm, you live with overwhelm.

I could tell you every single week, I am overwhelmed. Me, Dan Lok getting overwhelmed. It is very, very normal when you’re growing. The problem is from a young age, growing up we are taught, oh I’m so stressed out, I am so overwhelmed, oh I am getting a headache, we are not taught to deal with stress.

The problem is in society, now you get stress, they take a pill. They teach you take a pill, relax. That’s not how you get to greatness. Anyone who gets to greatness, anyone who achieve any kind of success, they deal with overwhelm on a consistent basis. If I talk to my team and they tell me, hey Dan everything going very smoothly, everything is going so well, we are doing so good, everybody is taking it easy. Fuck. Something is wrong with my company because I know we’re not growing.

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