Sell More By Appealing To Emotions Not Logic


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Would you buy these shoes if I told you that they will double your confidence and increase your popularity?

You likely would. Who wouldn’t want to look and feel more self-assured, more like a king or queen of the red carpet? That’s the power of appealing to emotions, not logic, when you’re making a sale.

It is copywriting secret number one: people will buy because of emotions but they will justify it with logic. They want to know if the shoes make them feel better about themselves.

Then they’ll back up the decision with logic. For example, a pair of quality shoes at a good price is a good buy if they were looking for new footwear anyway!

So if emotions are what makes people buy, what feelings appeal to people the most?

Happiness… respect… many others. You want to speak to their primary needs when you are writing sales copy. Copywriting is the art of selling to people using words. You want to use the written word to paint a picture for the prospect so that they will buy.

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