Stop Bringing the Kitchen Sink Into What You Are Creating


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I’m in my college dance comp class and the teacher says “please do not add the kitchen sink to your compositional studies.”

We all giggled and had no clue what she really meant.

We were ripe newbies to composition, so as far as we knew, people didn’t dance with the kitchen sink...

The teacher went on to say:

“I don’t want to see things that you do in your technique class in your studies. You have training. I want to see you explore your creativity, and in this class you are going to get the tools to help you tap into that creativity.”

This is paraphrased, of course. I went to college over 20 years ago... Hello 40!

So our compositional journey began and it took many forms. Some were naturals at finding their choreographic voice, but for many of us it was a series of awkward errors.

Stage 1 - Use the kitchen sink in studies cause we were uncomfortable and scared to be daring.

Stage 2 - Over-do daring by trying too hard to be different!

Stage 3 - Miss a few assignments cause we were over it...

Stage 4 - Start applying the choreographic tools we were learning in class to find our creativity.

These stages are very similar to the ones many of us face when building an online dance business:

Stage 1 - No clue what you are doing so you just copy what you see.

Stage 2 - Try really hard to stand out and be different and this often equals not feeling good enough and feeling like throwing in the towel.

Stage 3 - Doing nothing, over it

Stage 4 - Becoming dedicated to learning and mastering the technique of building an online dance business. Investing in your education, learning from someone who inspires you. Taking the technique learned and using it to express your business creatively through your voice. And of a all sudden sh** is happening, momentum is building!

On episode #120 of the Dance Boss Podcast, I dive into these stages further.

I don’t know about you, but I’m a stage 4 kind of gal, and I teach my clients how to operate in stage 4 as well.

What stage are you in, my friend?

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