'4~' By Rodrigo Rocha-Campos


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In this episode of DANCE CINEMA, we speak with filmmaker Rodrigo Rocha-Campos, about his artistic practice and his screendance film 4 ~. Created in 2018, an aggregation of cinematic techniques, choreographic gestures, references, illusion of rich sounds and VFX, 4 ~ was made by composing all of these elements of visual & aural fields.The technologies of representation are not transparent, but are filled with social and political history, layers of meaning for the viewer to piece together beyond the dancing frame on scree n and with their very own personal layers of history.

In this podcast, Rodrigo discusses his screendance practice, though generally to have a “screendance practice” in contemporary culture one must exist, on the fringes of other contemporary cultural sectors.
Rodrigo is able to achieve manifesting his very own ideas & visions. By means of teaching cinematography at Vancouver film school. He connects with the talented and passionate artistic community. And so, Rodrigo is able to singularly deliver a screendance film that disorients & provokes us to marvel on the darker sides of human behaviour.

"‘4 ~" will be screened on www.dancecinema.org from 1.12. to 1.1. 2020. To view "‘4 ~’ " and for the full transcript of this interview head to http://www.dancecinema.org/4.html

Recorded between Sydney, Australia & Vancouver, Canada on 30 September 2019. Interviewed by curator Melissa Ramos. DANCE CINEMA jingle designed by James Brown.
Includes soundtrack from the film: 4~
For more information: www.dancecinema.org

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