Dance Machine 5000 Podcast Episode 59: Industrial, EBM, Synthpop, Electro, Dance Mix


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Dance Machine 5000 Podcast Episode 59. Featuring new tracks from Kodaline, Suicide Commando, iVardensphere, X-Rx, Grendel, In Strict Confidence and lots more.

1. Kodaline – Ready to Change
2. iVardensphere – Rapture
3. C-Lekktor – Tonight You Are Mine
4. Circuito Cerrado – What’s your emergency (Club Version)
5. Funker Vogt – Gladiator (Until Death Mix)
6. Faderhead – All the Devils
7. Our Banshee – Undone to the Light (3rd Revision Mix)
8. Arian 1 – Eternity
9. In Strict Confidence – The Darkside
10. Tycho Brahe – Loveless
11. Dead When I Found Her – Subject Reject
12. Protectorate – Exile
13. Suppressor – Under Government Control
14. X-Rx – Voices
15. Black Line – No Crime
16. Neurotech – Our Burial Ground
17. Pitch Yarn Of Matter – Faults
18. Grendel – Dead Inside
19. Dead Man Recovering – Zombie
20. Night Drive – Outer Lines
21. Suicide Commando – My New Christ (2nd Face Remix)
22. Future Lied to Us – Born in Silence
23. Boy Harsher – Westerners
24. Divan8r – Illustrious
25. Pvris – Anyone Else
26. R. Missing – Unsummering
27. Empathy Test – Bare My Soul
28. Vok – Show Me
29. Circa Tapes – Alucarda

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