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Welcome to the tribe of dance lovers! You have found the right place - a platform where we gather around the most epic dance stories out there. In this unique podcast we are getting to know dancers from all over there world, hear their incredible journies, learn from their experiences, and much more. The global dance community is a fantastic melting pot of styles, cultures, and scenes. In this show, Therese Sahlin aka T-zer interviews everyone from underground Hip-hop battlers to famous Bachata stars. From an artistic director in Kenya to living legends of Chicago Footwork - this is the broadest interview podcast on the planet for dancers. Behind every dancer, there is a life story and between the interview episodes, we will gather around the funniest and weirdest dance related experiences. Therese Sahlin aka T-zer has 15+ years within the Scandinavian Hip-hop community as a battle dancer, teacher, and event host. She quickly broadened her network into the social dancing world after her crew started to mix the couple dance Kizomba into their Hip-hop shows. This podcast is released by Be Fit And Sensual, the biggest online coaching and dance specific training for dancers of all styles!

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