#32. Drosha - Love for Science, Surviving Burnout & Creating Experimental Platforms


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"It is the toughest, the most reliable, sensitive, hardworking people that burn out"
André Grekhov, who is known as Drosha, was born and raised in Russia where he first found his love for the hip-hop culture. When he moved to the Netherlands in his teenage years, the journey as a b-boy took off and he has since then dived into researching, learning, and creating within several styles. He has been competing, teaching, performed and judging in countless events and has received awards from Oranje Fonds, Fonds Cultuur Participatie, and Prince Bernard Culture Fund. He became the world champion in Experimental 2012 at Juste Debout in Paris and is since five years back organizing the experimental festival Open Your Mind. Drosha is also an artistic director and is currently working with Don't Hit Mama 20-year anniversary tour.
In this interview, we go deep into Drosha's story about the victories of going for his own style and the challenges that came with surviving burnout. So put on your headphones, sit back, take notes, and enjoy.
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