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Some women shine in the darkness as the most stalwart beacon of hope that the Classical and Aristocratic ideal for femininity is still embodied in some extraordinary ladies out in the world.
Born just outside of Cleveland, Ohio to an adventurous outdoorsman and a lovely beauty queen and a country musician and Singer, Kelley had a very typical mid-west upbringing. Her days were filled with hard work, discipline a lot of studying and close family time for gardening, cooking, cleaning and entertaining family and guests after dinners.
With her father, she would learn to shoot guns, camp, fish, learn about old weapons like swords and gunpowder firearms and military culture of living. Her father also thought her to express herself artistically through painting and sculpting. Her Mother and Grandmothers thought her music, gardening, cooking, canning and how to clean game among other duties assigned to women.
After high school, Kelley attended college at Bowling Green State University as a pre-med student and eventually graduated with a B.S..S. in Sports Medicine.
She worked at the Halifax Medical Center and NASA until the funding was eliminated in her department of physical research. This began her impressive career.
The Cleveland, Ohio Born actor and model has made her way from one of the top bathing suit and athletic models of the late 80s and 90s to film and television today.
She worked on Campaigns with Hawaiian Tropic, Nike, Yamaha and Harley Davidson and was on tour with Madonna for a year as her chief assistant. Kelley also did a few episodes for children's show such as "Super Force" and one for "Power Rangers". After many years in the Spotlight, she She eventually decided to assume a corporate role in New York City in Communications and took some time off from modelling and acting in order to become a more well-rounded person.
She also began to study classical fencing with the prestigious Martinez Academy in New York City and has put in over 15 years of consistent training after work and on the weekends with Maestro Jeannette-Acosta Martinez and Maestro Ray Martinez. She also continued to play the fiddle whenever she could find the time.
After a long hiatus from the artistic world, Kelley made a counterintuitive return to acting in order to disrupt outdated notions about older women in the industry. Kelley is making her way back, after moving to L.A. as the next "Millenial Mom" in films such as "The Way Back Home", "Planet 2000", "The Big Rant". She also filmed T.V..V. shows such as "Purgatory" along with a few major brand commercials.
An adventurer and an athlete since childhood, Kelley is always training when she is not filming. She is still travelling the world as a competitive Classical Fencer who is proficient with the foil, small sword, duelling sword, rapier and sabre. In addition, she is an excellent marksman with handguns, rifles and the bow.
Recently, she has been trained in automatic weapons and martial arts for both film and TV
Kelley also performs Celtic/ Scottish music on stage with her fiddle in the remote islands of Scotland and Bar Harbor, Maine. She surfs, does 5k races, holds or attends charity events for the "Beagle Freedom Project" and children's charities, and hikes in the remote areas of the world.... Where she often finds herself.

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