The Rise of the Carnivore with Dr. Shawn Baker


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Along with being the author of the 2019 book The Carnivore Diet, Shawn Baker is a doctor and an accomplished athlete. He earned his medical degree from Texas Tech Health Science University in 2001, completed his orthopaedic surgical residency at the University of Texas in 2006, and served as chief of orthopaedics at various bases during his stint in the U.S. Air Force. Athletically, he’s played professional rugby, won strongman competitions, set records as a Highland Games participant, and most recently, he became an indoor rowing world champion. Shawn has gained notoriety as a leading proponent of the carnivore diet—where participants get nutrition from animal-sourced foods and severely limit or eliminate all plants from their diet.
Read ahead for our full interview with Dr Shawn Baker’s dietary experiences and his unique take on nutrition.
The Carnivore Diet (The Ultimate Book on the Carnivore Diet)
Some notable achievements:
  • Bachelor Of Arts University Of Texas At Austin – Biology 1989
  • Doctor Of Medicine Texas Tech Health Science University – 2001 (Graduated With Honors)
  • Completed 5 Year Orthopedic Surgical Residency – University Of Texas 2006
  • Chief Of Orthopedics Kirtland Air Force Base
  • Chief Of Orthopedics Luke Air Force Base
  • Chief Of Orthopedic Trauma – Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan 2007 – 600 Surgeries
  • Lead Surgeon Of 12 Provider Orthopaedic Surgical Group Private Practice Until 2016
  • Distinguished Graduate US Air Force Officer Training School
  • Nuclear Weapons Launch Officer USAF X 5 Years
  • Nuclear Weapons Combat Commander Of The Year 90 Operation Group 1996
  • Luke Air Force Base Air Force Athlete Of The Year 2010
  • Semi Professional Rugby, Cambridge New Zealand (played In Waikato Premiere League And Faced Off Against Several New Zealand All Blacks)
  • Selected All US Air Force And Combined Military Services Rugby Squads
  • All Western USA Rugby Select Side
  • Texas Rugby Select Side
  • 1st Place Texas Strongest Man (300lb Class 2004)5th Place USA Strongest Man Contest (North American Strongman Society) (300lb Class)
  • American Record Deadlift 772lbs (350kg) Natural Association Of Strength Athletes (pure Division – Lifetime Drug Free Class) 2000
  • Sub-master World Record Deadlift 738lbs World Association Of Benchpress AndDeadlift
  • Masters American Record Deadlift (40+ Category) 711lb USA Powerlifting 2007
  • Highland Games US Invitational Masters National Champion 2009
  • Highland Games Masters World Champion 2010
  • USA Track And Field Masters All American Status Discus, Weight Throw, Super weight Throw 2009
  • Set Concept 2 Indoor Rowing World Records For 1min (40+) 100m (50+),1 Min (50+), 500m
  • All Of This Accomplished As A Life Time Drug-Free Athlete

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