Episode 161: The Deli Snitch


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Rejoice! It's episode 161 of the Danish and O'Neill podcast. And, a two hours of power at that. We haven't done a two hour'er in a while, so soak it in. This one opens with us talking about food you can get at the fair. A character named Chicken Charlie is discussed. After that, Danish talks about a conversation he recently overheard, which involved a strange roommate dispute. A documentary is quickly discussed (foreshadowing...the star of it is someone we once discussed on the show). Then, one of the more embarrassing court cases is discussed in great detail. Keeping with the crime and punishment theme, next, we talk about a woman, who wrote a book about killing her husband, perhaps doing what we she wrote about. After that, it's off to Bolivar, Ohio, where a woman is being accused of a felony for sampling some deli ham at her grocery store job. Not to be outdone, a dude was arrested for putting soda in a water cup at a restaurant. There's even some Guy Fieri and Gary Keillor talk. After that, there's some pre-post show post show talk. Your dog will LOVE this episode.

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