Episode 164: Monkey Bus Driver


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Ooooooh yeah, it's a new episode of the Danish and O'Neill podcast. On this episode, we start off by talking about a sad case of child abuse (in this case, a birthday party theme that we just can't get behind). Then, it's a case of "who did it better"? It's a battle of the bus drivers! You'll have to hear what happens with these two crazy transpo-heads. Spoiler alert: the title kind of gives one away. After that, it's an update about the lady who says she has relationships with ghosts! We hop on the Danish and O'Neill jet and head to Japan to talk about armpit advertising and a hermit who just wanted to die naked and alone on an island. Did he get his wish? Then, we talk about a guy who felt he was betrayed by a gym's slogan. To wrap it up, there's some light Seagal talk.

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