Episode 173: Knife in a Pool


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What a lovely episode this turned out to be! We opened the show with a fantastic new song. It's groovy and will make you want to bust a move like Young MC. Danish leads the show off with some tales from the road. O'Neill follows suits and talks about some things he's seen and experienced around town. There's a mega-important update on this week's show. Don't miss it! You don't want to be left out from the around the water cooler chatter. Amazon is on the receiving end a few times this episode. What's that mean? Listen and find out, ya impatient weirdo. A great story from a dollar store in Florida will change your life and how you look at others. The episode closes with a Y update and some miscellaneous topics that will have you begging for more. All in all, this episode will bring you holiday cheer. So, pound some eggnog and listen to it. ps. Download the Laughable app for free today – it's the top rated podcast app in the entire App Store.

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