Episode 191: Meet the Teeters


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O'Neill opens the show talking about a trip he's taking that will involve both cave exploration and a stay at a haunted hotel. After that, there's an important Rachael Ray update! Danish gives an update on the weird "club" that's in a backyard behind his place. The good times keep on rollin' with the tale of a guy who sued his parents for destroying his adult film collection. HORSE ALERT! It's been a long time, but we had to cover the tail (get it?!?) of a man "admiring" horses in fields. Then, it's on to a mystery that one father tried to solve. The law enforcement in this one is UNREAL. Finally, it took almost 200 episodes to report on a sauna arrest! After that, it's an introduction to a great family, the Teeters. It's the story of a boy, his iguana, and his dad who got arrested for using the iguana in a bar fight. If that isn't crazy enough, a dude threatens people with "an army of turtles".

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