Ep 23: Following a Founder's Heart with Dr. Reyna Trevino


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Join us for the second half of Dr. Reyna Trevino’s amazing dream to reality journey.

Dr. Trevino is a humble and courageous pediatrician who also became an inventor, patent holder, and entrepreneur of her own brand and company, Rose Medical Innovations, all while maintaining and juggling her priority of being a mom.

Listen as Dr. Trevino shares:

  • Her incredible experience in the start-up business world of incubators with other very successful inventors and entrepreneurs.

  • Why she believes that anyone, despite the barriers they may see, can take their ideas and make their dreams become reality.

  • Her heart’s wise counsel for others who may have dreams but have been hesitant to take the first step.

  • How her company and brand reflect her love for whom she is creating her products.

And many more insights to learn and get inspired from…

Resources for Dr. Reyna Trevino:

Dr. Roses' Baby Nasal Aspirator is anticipated to be available on the market in January 2022!
Company Website, sign up to be notified when product is out https://drrosesbaby.com
Doctor Roses Baby on Tik Tok https://www.tiktok.com/@doctorrosesbaby/
Doctor Roses Baby on Instagram https://Instagram.com/doctorrosesbaby/
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