Ep 40: Each Moment is Yours with George Kinder, Father of Life Planning


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Took a wellness break and feel rejuvenated to keep podcasting!! Cannot wait to share this amazing 40th episode!
George Kinder is an international thought-leader, author, mindfulness teacher, and the Father of the Life Planning movement. He has revolutionized financial advice for more than 35 years by training 4000 professionals in 30 countries in the field of Financial Life Planning.
In part 2 of this profound 2-part conversation, George and I discuss:

  • What are the five common elements that come up when individuals create their life plan.
  • How life planning delivered freedom to a physician living in despair and allowed him to pursue his true calling.
  • Why financial milestones feel empty without living a life plan.
  • How physicians can experience freedom by first imagining the dream, then building the architecture to deliver it.

Tune in to hear an inspiring conversation between a renowned international thought-leader and a Dare to Dream Physician on how to help physicians start living meaningful and fulfilling lives.

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