Ep 47: Dare to Live Your Dreams (1 Year Anniversary Episode!)


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Celebrating the one year anniversary of the Dare to Dream Physician Podcast!
What a difference a year makes when we dare to imagine and live our dreams.
This podcast was created to inspire physicians to:
❤️ Live richly in the present while being aware of the impermanence of life.
❤️ Cultivate curiosity to see the world thru the lens of a 5 year old child.
❤️ Take at least one step every day toward your dreams
❤️ Fight for your dreams with relentless optimism.
Here's to another year... I put out a solo episode to kick start the new season. But don't worry, we'll have more interviews coming. I'm so excited to keep learning from my amazing guests. I've always believed in the power of conversation and the potential for one conversation to change our lives. I talk about how this podcast has done just that.
Take a listen to the one-year anniversary celebration episode "Dare to Live Your Dreams"!
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