Christmas Campfire 2020 (Part 1)


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Merry Christmas everyone! It wouldn't be Christmas in 2020 if it wasn't at least a bit of a cock-up right?! Half way through recording this episode, the heart of my recording setup completely gave up on me and crapped out, so I had to re-record it the only way I had available, which means the audio quality is a little diminished, though I think I did a reasonable job on it in the end. Hopefully you'll not find it too bad!

Anyway, enough of all that, here's the Christmas Campfire, or at least, the first part! The second part will be out in a few days, to help ease the boredom between Christmas and New Year where we're all feeling a bit fat, a bit sleepy and nothing much is happening! I hope you enjoy it, I hope you have a wonderful holiday, take care!

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