Halloween 2020 – Spiritualism in Canada: Seances, Mediums and Spirits, Oh My!


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Episode 147: Canada has a long history of folks who have attempted to communicate with the dead - a practice is known as Spiritualism. Some of these have claimed that they can connect directly with those on the other side. Here we will give a bit of history, tell some of their stories and give a how-to primer for entertainment purposes only.

We do not recommend, dear listeners, that you make attempts to commune with the beyond using the methods we will speak about later. If you do so and incur negative consequences, we bear no responsibility for your decision to proceed.
Co-host: Carol Browne
Interview with:
Morgan Knudsen
The Fox Sisters
The Canadian Spiritualist Movement and Sources for its Study
Wikipedia - The Fox Sisters
Talking Nonsense (thesis)
GlobalNews - MacKenzie King
Spiritualist Alliance
Buckland’s Book of Spirit Communications
Mary Melville, The Psychic by Flora MacDonald
LearnReligions - How To Hold a Séance

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