#77 Solving Complex Data Problems at a Venture Capital Firm with Angela Wilkins – Founder and Managing Director


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Angela Wilkins is the founder and Chief Scientist at Mercury Data Science (MDS) where she works with Mercury's portfolio companies to identify solutions for complex data problems. Prior to MDS, Angela was a member of faculty research at Baylor College of Medicine and led projects at the policy think tank, Center of Science and Law. She developed her machine learning knowledge in the biomedical field as part of IBM's Watson AI and DARPA Simplex Project. Angela received her M.S and Ph.D. from Lehigh University, all in Theoretical Physics.

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We speak about:

  • [01:10] How Angela started in the data space
  • [03:45] Using proteins to understand aging
  • [07:35] Setting team expectations
  • [09:15] Challenges at Baylor
  • [15:15] Using data science to make policy
  • [18:30] Leading seminars on machine learning and data science
  • [22:05] TrendKite – putting the right data in front of the PR person
  • [26:40] The transition from academia into business
  • [30:15] Rapid fire questions
  • [35:00] Future data science challenges
  • [36:10] Do as many things as you can


Angela’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/adwilkins

Mercury Fund: https://mercuryfund.com

TrendKite: https://www.trendkite.com


  • “We look to see how proteins, drugs, and diseases interact.”
  • “We came up with an algorithm for aligning protein networks along multiple species.”
  • “I left Baylor because I needed new problems.”
  • “Algorithms are useful everywhere.”

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