#126 Data-Driven Approaches From Politics to Aerospace with Adam Bonnifield – VP Artificial Intelligence


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In episode 2 of our “Bitesize Insights for Data Driven Leaders” Series, Adam Bonnifield is a VP of Artificial Intelligence at Airbus. He is a former Chief Product Officer (Census) at the U.S. Department of Commerce and Co-Founder of Spinnakr and Giv.to. Adam lives and breathes online engagement - he ran digital strategy for political campaigns since he was in college, breaking Congressional fundraising records. After graduating from Cambridge University, he was awarded the Tsuzuki Fellowship to direct online youth outreach in Japan.

Enjoy Adam Bonnifield in our Bitesize Insights for Data Driven Leaders” Series!


  • “Don’t talk so much when you’re the boss. Just stop talking so much about stuff.”
  • “You have a sort of natural optimism because you have the experience of building something from nothing. And realizing that anything can be done, especially in data technology. At the same time, you’re a child when it comes to navigating corporate politics.
  • “I was the kid that went to the Aerospace Museum every week. I am in love with aircraft. When you work with a company with a specialized product, you’re surrounded by people with a patriotic feeling for what they do.”
  • “It was a special time because it wasn't really known what you could do with data.”
  • “If you're working in data science, I would look for companies with complex supply problems."
  • “We need a new paradigm of data storytelling and data visualisation built for regular people.”

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