Curtis Seare (@DataCrunchPod) - Co-Host of Data Crunch Podcast discusses his journey & IoT Use cases


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Curtis Seare is a co-host of the Data Crunch podcast, a Tableau and Trifacta instructor, and the Director of Analytics at Shelfbucks, a retail analytics startup in Austin, Texas. He’s worked for almost a decade in the data-science field across multiple companies and industries. He’s solved problems spanning IoT, retail, marketing, sales, competitive intelligence, nonprofit donations, and product development, among others. Bringing organizational change and innovation in analytical processes has been the center of his work. Interviewer: Rajib Bahar, Shabnam Khan Agenda: RB - Please give us a little background on Data Crunch podcast's history. SB - We have listened to your Data Crunch episodes highlighting some really interesting applications of analytics such as preventing honey bee fallout, eradicating malaria in Zambia etc. Please enlighten us more on what you have discovered in your research. RB - What are some top application of IoT that retailers find useful? SB - One of the buzzword associated with IoT is streaming analytics. How is this different from standard analytics that we know or understand? RB - In our lifetime, we may find ourselves in a situation where we over-analyze a problem leading to analysis-paralysis. Is there a methodology do you follow in keeping solutions simple with complex analytics project. SB - How do we connect with you on Twitter or Social Media or blog? Music:

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