Dave Borean (@daveborean) - MDM Data Architect, Customer Intelligence 360 in AllSight


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Dave leads the technology strategy for AllSight and works with clients on their initial implementations of AllSight. He has many years of experience working on the architecture and development of mission-critical enterprise applications in both the product and custom solution spaces. Dave came from IBM where he was a Senior Technical Staff Member responsible for leading the InfoSphere MDM portfolio of products and working directly with clients around the world. Interviewer; Rajib Bahar Agenda: - In your previous role at IBM, you were a MDM Data Architect. How has that role related to your Customer Intelligence 360 initiative? - What's Entity Resolution in the Big Data Scene? - I'm interested in learning about as many techniques involving stitching together and de-duplicate customer data on Big Data platform? What operational and analytical use cases do they have? - As it relates to Customer Intellgence 360, what are some Machine Learning and Graph DB solutions out there? - How do we connect with you on twitter / social media? Music: www.freesfx.co.uk

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