Data Discovery: Dos and Don’ts


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In this episode I’ll discuss some keys to remember when examining a dataset for the first time.
02:25 - Do #1 - Look at your data carefully
05:32 - Don’t #1 - Don’t try to bite off too much
07:32 - Do #2 - Look for patterns and trends
10:15 - Do #3 - Consider the data source
13:13 - Do #4 - Identify blind spots in your data
15:22 - Don’t #2 - Don’t include incomplete or missing data
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  1. Look at the data carefully
    • Do you have all the fields that you will need?
    • Is it a number field? Is it text?
  2. Look for the patterns and trends
  3. Consider the source
    • Are there controls in your data?
    • Are you pulling from an outside source that may not always be available or updated?
  4. Identify the blind spots in your data
    • Think about the questions you can answer using this data.
    • Are there any limitations? If there are, you may need to supplement with additional data.

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