AWS Internet of Things with Dirk Didascalou


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Many devices in our world are not “smart.” Air conditioners, electric guitars, power outlets, and factory conveyor belts, just to name a few. There are exciting software applications that we could build around these devices, but we need to be able to interface with them programmatically.

We need to be able to know the state of these devices. We need to be able to save that state, and then we can use that state data to perform actions that change the state of those devices. To make these devices smart, we can use a microcontroller, a small device with a constrained amount of CPU, memory, and I/O.

Device data can be sent to the cloud or processed locally, and that data can be used perform predictive maintenance, or create machine learning models, or create simple dashboards so human operators can understand the state of their hardware.

Dirk Didascalou is the VP of Internet of Things with Amazon Web Services. Dirk joins today’s show to discuss the strategy and philosophy of the AWS Internet of Things set of tools. We talk about a wide-ranging set of topics–including IoT security, edge deployments, and machine learning.

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