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In this episode we are joined by Kim Rees and Steph Hay of Capital One. You may have heard the big news that Capital One recently decided to hire Kim Rees (formerly of Periscopic) as their Head of Data Visualization.

It’s great to see such a big company hire a high caliber data viz professional like Kim and create a position with this name. Things seems to be moving in the right direction for viz after all!

Curious about what this news might mean for the industry, we invited Kim and her new boss Steph — Head of Content, Culture, and AI Design at Capital One — to learn about their plans.

This episode is a nice counterpoint to the episode we recently recorded with Elijah Meeks, which centered on the issues that data visualization professionals are facing in the industry.

Now, with Kim and Steph we talk about the decision to create this position, the value Capital One sees in visualization, and how they plan to scale visualization to a company of 40,000 employees.

Enjoy the show!

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8. Imagining Kim's future role (00:11:42)

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