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How do you represent data with sound instead of graphical properties? Is it even possible?

It turns out that it’s not only possible, but there is an entire field — called sonification — that is dedicated to representing data with sound.

In this episode we are joined by Hannah Davis, a data visualization and sonification expert, to talk about how sonification works and how she has gone about making her own amazing sonification projects, which create musical pieces based on data. Get your ears ready! This time you are not only going to listen to our voices but also to some really interesting sounds!

P.S. We’ve actually touched upon sonification once before in Data Stories. Check out our episode with Scott Hughes on the sonification of black holes.


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1. Welcome to Data Stories! (00:00:30)

2. Our podcast is ad-free because we are listener-supported (00:01:04)

4. Our guest Hannah Davis, expert on sonification (00:04:52)

5. What is sonification? (00:05:53)

6. A sonification example from space from our episode with Scott Hughes (00:10:09)

7. An example of parameter mapping from Amanda Cox and the New York Times team (00:11:03)

8. A music generation piece from James Murphy using Tennis data (00:12:34)

9. Hannah's work in sonification (00:14:41)

10. Hannah's emotional sonification of "Peter Pan" (00:19:41)

11. Sonification of "The Road" (00:22:09)

12. The last surprise example (00:23:52)

13. Hannah's current projects (00:26:29)

14. A sample from Hannah's "Percival" piece (00:30:43)

15. Advice and lessons learned about data sonification (00:33:05)

16. Process and tools for data sonification (00:40:28)

17. Get in touch with us and support us on Patreon (00:48:24)

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