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This is our second episode of our mini-series on data visualization agencies. For this episode we have Caroline Goulard from Dataveyes and Gabriele Rossi from Accurat. With them we talk about their quintessential projects, how to balance experimental with regular customers’ projects, and how the data visualization field changed over the years.

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1. Welcome back to Data Stories! (00:00:24)

2. Our podcast is listener-supported, please consider making a donation! (00:01:04)

3. Our topic: Dataviz agencies part 2 (00:01:22)

4. Our guests: Caroline Goulard, Co-founder and CEO of Dataveyes (00:01:39)

5. and Gabriele Rossi, Co-founder and Managing Director of Accurat (00:01:53)

6. Dataveyes' quintessential project: Dashboard for leboncoin (00:06:05)

7. and a Data Viz about 50.000 daily car journeys for Michelin (00:09:36)

8. Accurat's "families" of projects: Communication and Experience Design projects (00:12:18)

9. and business oriented solutions (00:15:16)

10. How do you balance experimentation with "bread and butter"? (00:17:48)

11. Relationship with clients? (00:24:48)

12. How has the data visualization field changed since you started out? (00:28:39)

13. Can data visualization teams be scaled in size? (00:35:59)

14. A question from Gabriele to Caroline: Why are you (still) doing this? What is the drive, even after 10 years? (00:47:40)

15. A question from Caroline to Gabriele: What would you be doing if you hadn't founded Accurat? Where would you be? (00:50:19)

16. Get in touch with us and support us on Patreon (00:59:07)

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