Episode 7: Matt and Sarah Olin, CreativeMornings Charlotte and Luscious Mother


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This is Episode 7 of the Date Night with Jake & Page podcast, where each month we double-date over mics and drinks with a prominent Queen City couple. In this episode you hear from Matt and Sarah Olin! Matt (@mattolincreative) is everywhere in Charlotte these days, but he's probably best known for his work as the host/organizer of CreativeMornings Charlotte and the Queen City Quiz Show. His wife, Sarah (@lusciousmother), meanwhile, is essentially the most interesting woman in the world as a former/current actor, bartender, life/business/mom coach and yogi. Together, the duo is dynamic as it gets. I wish I could say that we kept recording after the episode wrapped, because we stayed in the studio for another hour laughing and telling stories. Charlotteans, if you haven't made it to a CreativeMornings, DO IT. Moms, if you need a motivator in your life, look up Luscious Mother. Neither will disappoint. We can't thank Matt and Sarah for joining us on this episode, and as always, big thanks to Garrett Tichy, Hygge and Richard Brooke for having us as a member of their inaugural Hygge Podcast Residency! Please subscribe, share and comment on this episode. Past shows can be found on jakeandpage.com, iTunes and wherever you get your podcasts. We live stream each episode on Facebook (Page Crawford Fox 46) and the videos are posted to youtube.com/jakefehling. Please keep the conversation going on social media using the hashtag #datenightclt. Thanks for listening!

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