Ep 29: Building Teams through Community Service with Jeremy Jensen


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We are kicking off the new decade and our sixth season of DaVita Leadership Insights. This episode, we are excited to have our guest Jeremy Jensen, Vice President in Team Pegasus, discuss the topic of building team through community service. Jeremy recounts his memories of a Bridge of Life mission that he and his team participated in, in Guatemala. He shares how this experience was a way for them to build trust, commitment and a greater sense of purpose.

Jeremy says “Sometimes being a leader is chaotic. This experience taught me that I don’t always need to be in control for goodness to happen. When there are good people around me, good things happen.”

If you are interested in hearing more about Bridge of Life and volunteer opportunities, check out the Bridge of Life page on the VillageWeb.

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GUEST: Jeremy Jensen, VP Pegasus

HOSTED BY: Grace Berman and Doug Miller, Senior Directors, Wisdom

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