DawgmanRadio: Assessing the "Half Funeral, Half Wedding"


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Chris Petersen said it himself. He called it a combination of a funeral and a wedding, but more of a wedding. He was talking about the transition of him stepping away from being Washington's Head Football Coach and Defensive Coordinator Jimmy Lake taking his place.

Well, after the funereal aspects of the transition washed away, Washington Football was left with nothing but celebration. Celebration in the form of a 38-7 win over Boise State in the Las Vegas Bowl, a celebration that saw Petersen and the UW seniors leave the program the right way with a big win.

The guys from Dawgman.com - Kim Grinolds, Chris Fetters, and Scott Eklund - talk about the transition, how it's taken place, the aftermath of the Las Vegas Bowl, and Lake taking quick action the day after the game by not retaining offensive coordinator Bush Hamdan and tight ends coach Jordan Paopao.

Who will Lake hire? The guys break down some of the early whispers and talk about the direction the new UW Head Coach could go when revamping the offense. Could all the moves be made solely on the offensive side of the ball? That means staying put with the defensive coaches Lake currently has and continuing in his role as a defensive backs coach. It's possible.

They also talk about Petersen's legacy and what's in store for his next chapter.

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