EMERGENCY POD: Eason to the NFL, what does it mean for UW?


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The guys from Dawgman.com - Chris Fetters and Scott Eklund - dissect the decision of Washington junior quarterback Jacob Eason to declare for the NFL Draft in this emergency podcast. They definitely come at the decision from different viewpoints, and they share them here.

They also talk about whether or not he should be considered a sure-fire first-round draft pick, and they also have some differing takes on this question. Depending on the strength of the quarterback class, Eason could be ranked anywhere from the third or fourth-best available QB to near the bottom of the top-10. That range suggests that he could go early, or he could end up in the third round or even lower.

Of interest to UW fans, Fetters and Eklund also talk about where the Huskies go from here. Who has the inside track on next spring's quarterback battle between Jacob Sirmon, Dylan Morris, and Ethan Garbers? And will the coaches be able to keep everyone in the fold until fall ball? And how much of a change will new Head Coach Jimmy Lake be able to make with a newish offensive staff based on the available talent on the roster? Can they make wholesale changes?

Will the coaches go for another quarterback now, with the regular signing period still available to them? Or will they scour the market for a top preferred walk-on, especially now that Blake Gregory is gone too?

Eason's decision has opened up a number of big questions, and Fetters and Eklund get right to them in this emergency podcast.

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