Petersen: It's time for the offense to fight through adversity


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He's trying to keep his sense of humor about him, but Chris Petersen knows that's very difficult to do when things aren't going your way. And on offense, that's become doubly difficult because things aren't clicking in the pass game.

Are the schemes too complex? Is the quarterback playing up to standard? Are the receivers thinking too much instead of just relaxing and taking care of the basics?

These are all questions that have been asked, over and over, this season. The off-season was supposed to be the time when Washington's offensive woes would get solved, but that hasn't happened. If anything, things have gotten even more inconsistent.

We saw at Oregon State the defense finally come of age. Will the game at Colorado on Saturday night be the offense's time to shine? Petersen isn't sure, but he's curious to see how another week's worth of work will show itself.

On Thursday he spoke to the press about the lessons learned this season, taking those on board and using them to progress through adversity. It's something the coaches take pride in when it comes to teaching the players life skills, ways to overcome obstacles when things don't go as planned.

Petersen also talked a little about the Colorado Buffaloes, how impressed he is with first year head coach Mel Tucker, Laviska Shenault, and even throws a little olfactory dig at Ralphie.

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