Robert Kraft Charged


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Dead End Sports returns to recap your sports week with some of the strongest, most accurate opinions in the business.
  • Eastern conference Playoffs (1:25:00)
  • Robert Kraft sex trafficking scandal (12:00)
  • Reactions to UNC vs. Duke game (26:07)
    • Should Zion shut it down after injury scare?
    • Does Charles Barkley have a point about the Zion situation?
    • Will Duke win it all this year? If not then who should they be worried about?
  • Reactions to Kaepernick settling with the NFL (47:50)
  • Was it wise to settle with the NFL or should he have taken it to court?
  • Is Big Ben the reason why the Steelers haven’t be able to reach championship success? (58:30)
  • Will the Lakers make the playoffs? (1:11:30)
    • Is LeBron still the best player in the NBA?
    • Does LeBron even care about basketball anymore?

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