A Laker Meltdown (ft. Manuel Brown of the Any Given Sunday Podcast)


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Manuel Brown of the Any Given Sunday podcast joins us to discuss the collapse in Los Angeles. We answer the following questions:
  • Are the Lakers done?

  • What’s wrong with LeBron?

  • Will the way the season is ending for the Lakers how will or will it at all affect their ability to attract FA this summer?

  • Who will replace Luke Walton as Head Coach?

  • Will the Celtics make it out of the 1st round?

  • Is Kyrie officially leaving Boston this summer?

  • Is it time to give the Bucks the respect and credit they have earned?

  • Nick Foles being a FA and possibly signing with the Jags. What are our expectations if this happens?

  • Is Philly making a mistake letting Foles go?

  • It is now reports that Arizona will take Kyler Murray #1. Is this a wise choice?

  • Why is everyone overlooking Dwayne Haskins?

  • What happens with Josh Rosen?

  • Reactions to the most recent episode of LeBron James’ “The Shop”?

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