Episode 37 - Yogurt World written by Colleen McGuinness (30 Rock, Friends From College)


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Yogurt World stars Britt Lower as Audrey Mills, Danny Pudi as Chris, Amanda Lund as Lisa Hewitt, Brad Morris as Bucky Simmons, David Walton as Seph, Andy Ridings as Vet/Guy #2/Newscaster/7-11 Employee, Ethan Peck as Guy #1/Chuck/Tough Guy, Keiko Agena as Hot Girl, and Andrew Reich with stage directions.

This month's episode is from the great Colleen McGuinness! Colleen has written on 30 Rock, Friends From College, and Forever. Her pilot is called Yogurt World. It centers around a woman who works in a frozen yogurt shop whose life is going nowhere, until she discovers that she is telekinetic. Listen to Andrew’s interview with Colleen about developing Yogurt World with Matt Damon, attempting to make a comedy version of “Carrie”, her experiences writing on 30 Rock including some inside scoop on creating that show’s finale, and so many more golden nuggets of insight for writers! Enjoy!

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