Episode 56: Life After Harley written by Randi Mayem Singer (Mrs. Doubtfire, Mom, Jack and Jill)


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This month's pilot is Life After Harley written by Randi Mayem Singer (Mrs. Doubtfire, Mom, Jack and Jill). Life After Harley centers around Lucy Turpin, who has been emotionally stuck since the death of her famous baseball player husband over a year ago. The day she finally tries to move on and explore a new romance, her departed Harley comes back as a ghost—and he’s more alive dead than most living men. Will he let her go? Will she let him go? Sometimes “until death do us part” isn’t quite long enough.

In the interview, Andrew and Randi discuss high concept comedies versus low concept comedies in terms of writing and selling. Randi talks about how the UCLA Extension Program gave her her big break and what it’s like to be a sought out feature film script doctor. She also shares some great backstory about her hit film Mrs. Doubtfire and the challenges that come with hitting it big early on in your career. Lots of great writing wisdom and tv/film history in this one. Enjoy it!

Life After Harley stars Terrence Terrell as Harley, Sunita Mani as as Lucy, Adhir Kalyan as Mick, Ellen Wong as Zoe, Andy Ridings as Ted, Viraj Juneja as Derek Hedges, Marcus Bishop-Wright as Therapist/Joe, Shulie Cowen as Woman, and Andrew Reich with stage directions.

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