Episode 43: Big Game, Small World with Alexander Wolff


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Long time Sports Illustrated writer Alexander Wolff joins the podcast to discuss his book (one of my favorites ) Big Game, Small World. In 1998, after the Chicago Bulls had won their sixth title but before Michael Jordan had officially announced his retirement, Alex began a year long trip to see how basketball exists in different places all over the world. From the middle of Bhutan to the middle of Bosnia, from China to Angola, Alex gives the reader insight into how the meaning of the game can be translated, and re-translated by various cultures and peoples.

This interview was very special for me because Big Game, Small World has come to be a guidebook for my own artwork. It is a true cultural document that holds weight eighteen years after it's publishing.

To read more about Alex, his career accomplishments and his recent book The Audacity of Hoop, please click here.

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