It's the Hanksgiving special, Charlie Brown!


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It's that time of year we all ask ourselves what are we Hankful for? and the answer is always : HANK!
Though a little late, everyone's favorite yearly special returns just in time for the holiday season! Hanksgiving 2019 AKA Hankmass, it's gonna be a real scream! We're decking the halls, stuffing the stockings, coming down chimneys, it's a party!
4 movies picked by our own Hollywood Hank discussed and reviewed, one a classic, that was referenced endlessly on the old Death By DVD. One of the strangest Nixon themed horror movies of all time, a wacky David Lynch movie and one real sad story by Hank's favorite fella, Jeremy Saulnier.
Raise a glass and toot the ol lettuce horn, it's time for Hanksgiving 2019!!

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