Death Of 1000 Cuts - Season 2 Episode 44 - Pitch Rush Special


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This is the Death Of 1000 Cuts Pitch Rush Special episode. 55 authors, 55 novels looking for agents and editors. I read out a rapid-fire showcase of 100-word synopses and extracts. This is a great episode to listen to if you're trying to figure out how to pitch your novel, how to write a synopsis, how to write a query letter, and what makes the best extract of your work to share. It's also a great episode to listen to if you're interested in finding new talent! If you fancy supporting me and this podcast, please buy my novel, THE HONOURS: You can also drop me a few quid via my Ko-fi page: Here are the authors and novel titles, in order. Full extracts on my website, Number 1 Thomas Russell The Curse Of The Go Force Warriors 5 Number 2 Neil Hughes 'The Shop Before Life' Number 3 JOYCE CHNG DRAGON PHYSICIAN (YA) Number 4 Christopher Galvin ARTHUR SMALLWOOD'S QUEST FOR MAGIC Number 5 Joseph Sale Against Such Reckless Hate Number 6 Lola Phoenix The Fifth Kingdom Number 7 All That The Light Touches Thomas Carson Number 8 Laura Sweeney Chasing Waterfalls Number 9 Nolan Dean Moonflower Number 10 Marisa Noelle When the Raven Mocker Calls Number 11 SAFER TO BE FEARED C O Vollmer Number 12 M S Clements THE THIRD MAGPIE Number 13 GABRIEL'S WINDMILLS Romi La Paz Number 14 Lon E. Varnadore Void Emissary Number 15 James Otsa I TOO WAS IN ARCADIA Number 16 David Court RECREANT Number 17 Stephanie Nicholls Of Kings & Queens Number 18 Elissa Soave How Will You Love Me? Number 19 Jennifer Kennedy Galloping Catastrophe - A year in the life of a menopausal woman Number 20 Bill Bradbury Woke Number 21 Umar Abubakar Sidi The Autobiography of a Power Monger Number 22 Ann Godridge The Witch House Number 23 Emae Church Earth 101 Number 24 Sara-Mae Tuson Selina and the Six Lost Songs Number 25 From: Ruby Parker Riverborne Number 26 Callum Beesley The Carer Number 27 Judith Parker The Bumblebee Princess Number 28 Hayley Gullen Another Age Number 29 Liam Garnett The Stowaway Number 30 Nicky Abell-Francis The ETERNAL BOND Number 31 ELISABETH STRAW CONTROL ALT DELETE Number 32 Lorna Eifflaender Locusts Number 33 Jane Flett Not a Witch Number 34 Rebecca Milton Oracle Number 35 Mark David Goodson The Eighth Morning Number 36 Simon K Brown Faders Number 37 Angelita Bradney Saint Michael Number 38 Ian Murphy WORDS OF ADVICE FOR THE DEAD Number 39 Matthew Leach After the End Number 40 Kirsteen Stewart The Mandrake Number 41 Daniel James Grandma, the Devil and Me Number 42 Tracey S. Rosenberg Title: JANE ELLIOTT Number 43 Trasie Sands Freaky Yarn Number 44 CLARE ZINKIN A MIGHTY STRANGER Number 45 Fíona Scarlett Title: BOYS DON'T CRY Number 46 Alex Delve So Say the Dead Number 47 Jenny Adamthwaite Drawing Breath Number 48 Rebecca McCormick Teenage Wasteland Number 49 Maurice Suckling Novel's title: Do These Shapes Tessellate? Number 50 Helen Loney 'The Book Club Murders' Number 51 Heather Hughson Jump Point Number 52 Stuart Johnstone The Red Doors Number 53 Peter O’Connor The Cloud Number 54 Luke Spry Blood of the Phoenix Number 55 Charlotte Levin An Explanation of Love

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