Bonus Episode: Talking Torchwood with Kevin Koeser


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Alasdair has had a hankering to talk about the two Russell T. Davies-era spinoffs, so here's the first of a pair of bonus episodes looking at two very different shows. First up, "Talking Who to You" cohost and friend of the show Kevin Koeser joins Alasdair to talk about Torchwood, which can only be described as the horniest show ever made. But what do you expect when you build a show around Captain Jack Harkness, even if he does occasionally try to be all moody and angst-ridden? Alasdair and Kevin have both plenty of praise and plenty of condemnation for the series. The first two seasons: Some good, some staggering awful! The "Children Of Earth" miniseries: Unbelievably excellent! The "Miracle Day" fourth season: A thing that allegedly exists, but you didn't hear that from us! Anyway, we have some general discussion of the show, then run through some specific episodes from the first two seasons to get a more specific sense of what works and what doesn't.

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