Episode 76: “Daleks In Manhattan”/”Evolution Of The Daleks” and “Victory Of The Daleks”


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First up, are you in the Chicago area and interested in going to a potential live episode on Saturday, October 14? Let us know if you are! Now, to business: We look at a pair of maligned historical Dalek stories, and we mostly conclude that, yeah, these stories deserve some maligning. "Daleks In Manhattan"/"Evolution Of The Daleks" so obviously wants to be a dumb sci-fi B-movie, but it can't quite find the right way to combine its theoretically weighty subject matter with that sense of fun. Also, it's time to roast Andrew Garfield's Tennessee accent, because my goodness. "Victory Of The Daleks," on the other hand, does at least have some really lovely work from Karen Gillan, and Alasdair has a theory to help you find something interesting in this one. Look, neither of these is good, but we had a lot of fun discussing them regardless, so this is well worth the listen. And join us next week for a big three-story River Songstravaganza with "Silence In The Library"/"The Forest Of The Dead," "The Wedding Of River Song," and "The Husbands Of River Song"!

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