Episode 83: “The Fires Of Pompeii” and “The Girl Who Died”


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After weeks of Master-related, extended-length two-parters, we're not complaining about finally getting to keep things simple this week with a pair of standalone stories. Well, tightly linked standalone stories, if we're being technical, as we look at either side of the great mystery of the 12th Doctor's face. Before all that, we read an email from listener Chris following on from our discussion of the expanded TARDIS team promised for series 11. Then we dive into just why both these stories represent historical Doctor Who at its absolute best, with Alasdair vaguely restraining himself from gratuitous Peter Capaldi praise. This... this is not the week for him to try to promise to do that! Anyway, we try to tease out the connections both structural and thematic between these two excellent stories, while also marveling at how different epiodes made seven years apart can feel. Then join us next week for a pair of previously undiscussed companion introductions with "The Runaway Bride" and "The Bells Of Saint John"!

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