Dr Mike Spaulding Live with Bradlee Dean - It is Difficult to Free Fools From the Chains They Revere


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Deception Detection Radio Network Presents Dr Mike Live with Bradlee Dean If it is not the left, then it is the right (Mark 3:25). If it is not the conservatives, then it’s the liberals. If it is not the Communists, then it’s the right-wing extremists and if it’s not the whites, then it is the blacks. If it is not the lovers, then it is haters. Divide, divide, divide, and all this from within. And now from without, we are hearing from many in the media of a “Deep State” (Shadow government-Special Interest Groups, the Cabal etc.) in operation behind the scenes relentlessly working to take down America. The question that I have is, who is doing it for them? These shadow entities are created to give cover for crimes within yet, not without Washington’s advocated consent and implementations in hopes that the guilty will never be exposed or discovered (Luke 12:2). This is why they have so many created groups warring one against another and that is to weaken within, so they can control without. Of course, this only works because of the fact that the people in this country have forgotten that we are ruled by law, not by corrupt politicians and their special interests within the walls of Washington (Romans 3:20; Article 4, Section 4). Thank you for all you do! Team DDRN; Keith Spears Josh Stone Jeremy Stone Julie Gabler Tim Kareem Darrin Geisinger Cliff Davis Penny Cachia Hope-Rados Deyn Thaddeus Chauvin Sian Eyre o'Sullivan Yeshua Wins Deborah MacMillan Brent Geddie Carlos A. Velgara Lisa Grant Samantha Winburn Karen Neal Annie Olivo-Champagne Betty Clark Dale Olson Robert Black Dr. Mike Spaulding Pastor, Calvary Chapel of Lima Host, Soaring Eagle Radio 2 Peter 1:2

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