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We're bringing you an infusion of up and coming rock this week with Fresh Blood 8! It's an hour-plus of pure evidence proving the continued existence of rock music! Aaron brings some great selections to the table including Midnite City, The Laidbacks, Tokyo Taboo, Revival Black, and Black Smoke Trigger. Additionally, Chris shares some great rock from Edge of Paradise, Silverthorne, Dirty Honey, Bombus, and Like Machines!

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Fresh Blood 8

Geeks of the Week

Aaron Martel, Bakko, Cobras and Fire Podcast, Joe Lascon, Matt Ashcraft, Todd Cunningham, Bay Ragni, Marc Alden Taylor, Free Form Rock Podcast, Dan E, Simon Catt, Sean Cullen, Shea Hargett, The Bakery Podcast, Aaron Baker, Scott Crouch, James West, Nate Atchison, Allen Tate, Andrew Jacobs, Shane Hebert, CGCM Podcast, Trevor McDougall, Christopher Stokes, Jeff Gauss, Todd Rogers, Jay Szceblewski, Andy Lafon, Jeff Taylor, Jeff Mendenhall, Daniel Lee, Vette Halen, JJ Mac, Eladio, Ernesto Aguilar, The Mooger Fooger

The Fresh Blood series of shows from Decibel Geek Podcast seeks to prove that rock is far from dead. Featuring up and coming talent that carries on the spirit and sound of the greats we grew up on, it's a vital series.Please listen to the previous editions of Fresh Blood in the links below.

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