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Andrew Sgambati joins us this week to discuss his creation of The Greatest Show on Earth and we watch it! In last 50 years, there hasn’t been a more visually exciting band than KISS. Blasting on to the scene in the early 1970’s KISS’ mix of rock, pop and cartoon theatrics made them a household name. By 1977, the people has spoken. KISS was the most popular band in America according to a then recent Gallup Poll. Led Zeppelin had one. The Who had theirs in 1979. Alice Cooper, David Bowie and The Rolling Stones all had In Concert films that graced the silver screen...but not KISS. The Greatest Show on Earth takes you back to 1977 and answers the question, what would a 1970’s KISS film look like? In this episode we watch The Greatest Show on Earth and provide our live commentary. You can check out the movie yourself and watch along with us on Vimeo! Once we finish the watch-along, Andrew joins us to talk about the basis for creating the movie, the revisions/additions that were made for the Encore edition as well as his plans for another KISS-based movie. Stream The Greatest Show on Earth on Vimeo at Watch-Along starts at 07:09:00 Director Interview with Andrew Sgambati starts at 01:17:44 Contact Us! Rate, Review, and Subscribe in iTunes Join the Facebook Fan Page Follow on Twitter Follow on Instagram E-mail Us Subscribe to our Youtube channel! Support Us! Donate to the show! Stream Us! Stitcher Radio Spreaker TuneIn Become a VIP Subscriber! Click HERE for more info! Comment Below Direct Download

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