Awareness, Recovery, and the Secrets to Movement Mastery with Josh Holland (Part 1)


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Josh Holland joins me for part one of a marathon interview on movement. Josh is an absolute cornucopia of information on all things health, so you will see this conversation is wide-ranging. Josh provides cutting edge tips on recovery, sleep, and why awareness is so important to movement.

Who is Joshua J. Holland?

Joshua J. Holland is a wealth of experiential knowledge and wisdom. A dedicated biohacker, state of the art fitness trainer, holistic health coach and sports professional, he champions the philosophy of “awareness through experience,” and has subsequently spent years consulting with elite professionals with the goal to build a vast well in which to draw from when evoking alignment of body, mind and spirit for his clients.

His ideological approach to life and his life’s work are based on principles that highlight effectiveness, efficiency, and quantifiability. His passion stems from kindling a state of bodily wholeness via connection through his extensive web of like minded individuals.

His vast experiential knowledge base has created a very sought after following in the world of health, wellness, fitness and lifestyle. He works with some of the world’s most renowned musical and theatrical artists to fine tune their physical and spiritual bodies. He endeavors to give his utmost through his vast exploration into a plethora of healing modalities for the purpose of restoring people to prime physical and spiritual wellness awareness.

Co-founder of several fitness and health entities, and a Global Ambassador for a number of companies including Technogym, Josh currently leads a team of elite trainers and health coaches at SystimFit in Flatiron, NYC. He happily serves the greater New York area, including Westchester, Greenwich and the Hamptons, and is available by request for inter-state and international consultations and appointments, either virtually or in person.


[5:30] Josh’s basketball career

[15:45] Transition to men's health and movement

[21:21] Josh’s pillars of movement

[31:30] Grounding

[40:10] How important is awareness?

[50:05] The key to a good night's sleep

[57:15] How to think about recovery

[1:05:01] Recovering faster


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