Blood Flow Restriction: The Key to Effectiveness and Efficiency in Training with Sten Stray-Gundersen


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Blood Flow Restriction training offers an asymmetric return on time invested in exercise. Sten Stray-Gundersen shares his experience training elite level athletes with Blood Flow Restriction insights on BFR contributes to minimum effective dose training.

Who is Sten Stray-Gundersen?

Sten Stray-Gundersen, M.S. is a graduate researcher in the Clinical Exercise Physiology Laboratory in the Kinesiology Department at the University of Texas at Austin, pursuing his Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology with emphasis on Cardiovascular and Cardiopulmonary Physiology.

Sten has authored several studies assessing the safety and feasibility of utilizing BFR for both healthy and clinical populations. Additionally, Sten works as an Exercise Physiologist and Program Advisor for an Austin-based holistic performance center called Reach Outcomes (we are in the process of changing the name, so I may have an update for you soon), where he works with professional and amateur athletes to improving all aspects of performance.

Sten is also a Science Advisor and BStrong BFR expert for BStrong Inc, where he has worked with top-level athletes and teams ranging from the Olympic level to military personnel to the youth and collegiate levels, developing personalized protocols and programs for performance.


[4:46] The vast capabilities of Blood Flow Restriction

[9:36] Blood Flow Restriction in Power Lifting

[12:30] BFR’s impact on the nervous system, Growth Hormone, and aging

[20:12] High-level athletes and Blood Flow Restriction Training

[25:27] mTOR Overactivation

[28:49] Training routines

[35:10] High reps, Low weights, Pink Dumbells, and BFR

[37:50] Occlusion

[49:01] Stacking BFR with other workouts

[1:00:23] Bstrong innovations to the BFR training


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Combined effects of low-intensity blood flow restriction training and high-intensity resistance training on muscle strength and size

Walking with Leg Blood Flow Restriction: Wide-Rigid Cuffs vs. Narrow-Elastic Bands

Hemodynamic and Pressor Responses to Combination of Yoga and Blood Flow Restriction


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