Dealing with Insomnia: Sleep Solutions for Crisis Times with Greg Potter


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Our first conversation is one of the most downloaded episodes of the podcast! Greg Potter PhD returns for a discussion about the effects of COVID-19 on sleep, what to do about stress induced insomnia, formulas for behavior change leading to better sleep, and Resilient Nutrition.

Who is Greg Potter, PhD?

Greg Potter’s PhD work at the University of Leeds on sleep, diet, and metabolic health was featured by the likes of the BBC World Service, the Washington Post, and Reuters. Greg has a BSc and an MSc in Exercise Physiology from Loughborough University, where he coached a sprinter to four gold medals at the European Championships. Greg has also worked with groups such as The United States Naval Special Warfare Command on health and performance optimization. He is now Chief Scientific officer for a digital health startup.


[5:23] COVID-19 and Sleep Disturbance

[10:14] Tracking Data for Health and Sleep Optimization

[18:46] What metrics matter

[28:40] Beating Anxiety induced Insomnia

[39:03] Optimizing the Sleep-Wake Cycle

[45:48] Creating a sleep routine

[52:30] Sleep Supportive Nutrients and Supplements

[1:02:10] Resilient Nutrition


Chrononutrition: Optimal Meal Timing for Epic Energy, Focus and Body Composition with Greg Potter

Sleepio App

Tobias Lundgren Bull’s Eye Exercise

VO2 max Cooper Test

Restwelle Melatonin

Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index


Resilient Nutrition

I met Greg Potter at a speaking event in Latvia.

9 months later, I met Ali Macdonald at a speaking event in London.

Ali and Greg mentioned they were working on something special in the endurance space. And damn... they have done a fantastic job of tackling endurance nutrition.

I remember when I was going back to run the Brussels marathon and I was looking at the options for fueling during the race. I was surprised by the lack of real food, but also things that supported me during my run.

Enter Resilient Nutrition.

Ali and Greg have developed a formula which is called Long Range Fuel, and there are several choices for you, which now I use for everything from cognitive endurance to my physical endurance.

Head on over to and get yours today because they taste so fricking good. Use the code Boomer for 10% off.


Vielight combines science and engineering ingenuity to develop unique devices that deliver photons to the brain and inner systems. Their mission is to create photobiomodulation devices that are safe and effective – to help improve one’s quality of life.

The Neuro Alpha is a staple in my stress resilience and sleep improvement routine. I get better sleep, better focus, and less anxiety around public speaking. And… increased ability to drop into flow.

Go to and use the promo code BOOMER for 10% off your purchase.

Continue Your High Performance Journey with Greg Potter PhD

Resilient Nutrition

Resilient Nutrition Facebook

Research Gate





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